Junior Petite Clothing

Women come in all shapes and sizes. If you are searching for petite junior clothing then you have come to the right place.  Junior size clothing is typically worn by teenages and the early twenties crowd and some of us nearing the 30 crowd. Juniors want trendy, chic, and comfortable looking clothes that fit. We are here to help you find fashionable, stylish petite clothing for women. Women under 5’4 are considered petite.

Below are some Junior petite clothing stores. Many of you have recently found out that one of the leading provider/retailers of petite clothing, petite sophisticate, has went out of business as well as Saks,  Neiman Marcus, and other stores cutting back on offering petite clothing. We hope to bring you access to the best petite clothing the Internet has to offer. The petite clothing stores online have a variety of styles and fashions available to suit your needs. So, yes, you can actually find some Junior Petite clothes and accessories online.

Junior Petite Clothes Stores Online:

Reet Petite – The Reet Petite is another store catering to the truly stylish petite woman. Reet Petite was created by a 4’11 woman who believes that “despite our height or size we can be stylish”. Reet Petite offers high quality, fun, and classically elegant petite clothing for women and juniors.  Reet Petite also has a policy of try before you buy which is really great. You can view their entire clothing line on their website.

Banana Republic - Banana Republic has recently started offering a selection of petite clothing and the style is specifically for juniors and 20/30 something women. In my opinion, they are the most trendy of all junior petite clothes stores online and in store. They offer a very nice selection of petite clothing in current styles.  There are fit guides in store to help with sizing.

Ann Taylor & Ann Taylor Loft – Both of these clothing stores offer a very nice petite selection. Although they are not completely junior style clothing, they do offer clothes for the 20-30 something women that want to look trendy and chic. If you wear juniors and are petite, this is definitely a store you want to check out and they always have BIG sales.

GAP – Gap recently introduced a petite clothing line for women. This clothing line is ideal for petite junior clothing.  The clothes come in size 0 up to a size 16 with most styles. Gap petite line is very affordable and stylish for the junior size woman.

Our Favorite Resources for Junior Petite Clothing

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