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Women everywhere are looking for petite clothing that fits. That is our ultimate goal. To find fashionable, stylish petite clothing for women. Women under 5’4 are considered petite. Petite women can be small, average or plus size. Many women looking for petite clothing are looking for the more grown up look. They want clothes that fit. The main clothing style concern for petite women is pants, dresses and skirts being too long. I am a 29 year old and I am among the many petite women in this world. I am 4’9 ( four feet and nine inches tall) and weigh just under 90 pounds. I have had lots or difficulty throughout my life finding petite clothing that fits and petite clothing styles that suit me. I still sometimes shop in the kids department of a clothing store.

Below are some women’s petite clothing stores. Many of you have recently found out that the leading provider/retailer of petite clothing, petite sophisticate, has went out of business. I shopped at petite sophisticate for several years. I bought mainly winter coats but it was a very helpful petite clothing store for women. Hopefully soon there will be a petite clothing store to replace petite sophisticate.

Women’s Petite Clothing Stores

Pink Elf – The Pink Elf is a clothing store catering to petite women. They have some of the latest fashions that everyone is wearing. Their clothing items are made to order. Their clothing is made to fit genuinely petite women. The fit for the waist, shoulders, hips, and bust. The only not so positive thing that I have to say about the Pink Elf Petite Clothing store is that they are expensive. I don’t think this clothing line is affordable for most petite women. You can see their entire clothing line at their website. Pink Elf is located in the USA.

Reet Petite – The Reet Petite is another store catering to the truly stylish petite woman. Reet Petite was created by a 4’11 woman who believes that “despite our height or size we can be stylish”. Reet Petite offers high quality, fun, and classically elegant petite clothing for women. I found some beautiful trendy dresses for petite women there. Reet Petite appears to be fairly priced. However, Reet Petite is based in the United Kingdom. Reet Petite also has a policy of try before you buy! You can view their entire clothing line on their website.  I almost forgot! Reet Petite also carries a maternity clothing line for petite women. You can read more about our Petite Maternity Clothing Here.

Talbots- Talbots has a petite collection going from a size 2 petite up to a size 16 petite so these classic/modern petite clothes will fit a wide body type range of petite women.

Go to our specialty sections in the side bar to view many many more petite clothing stores, styles, and options available to suit your specific fashion needs.

Buying Petite Clothing

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3 Responses to Women’s Petite Clothing

  1. Eileen Lloyd says:

    I am a 63 year old lady and love modern clothes , but as you know at my age I have to be very careful not to buy too young looking, so I find it very difficult to find a good range for my age and size . Just because I’m 63yrs that doesn’t mean I’m on the larger size .
    I am a size 10 petite , and 4ft 10ins . I like to wear lots of different kinds of designs , but I’ve been told that fitted clothes are better on me , and block colours too. The other thing that I can’t find is low healed shoes , as I’m not good in high heels (size 3)
    I would like to see a catalogue solely for petites , for young and older lady’s , starting from size (10)
    I would like prices to be normal and not in the high bracket .
    Is there anyone who has the same problem as me.

  2. Karen Thompson says:


    Thanks for creating this website! I just discovered it today, and find your information to be very helpful! I am also 4’9,” 51 years old, and the mother of 3 grown children. Shopping in the kids section is no longer an option for me, because I refuse to potentially wear the same clothing as my grandkids. ;-)

    Here are stores that I have found clothing in petite sizes that actually fit:

    Ann Taylor and Ann Taylor Loft
    Ellen Tracey
    Banana Republic
    Macy’s (some items fit perfectly, others need alterations)

    (for shoes, I wear a size 5)
    Nine West
    Specialty boutiques

    If you haven’t already, be sure to mention these stores on here.

    Shopping is very difficult, and usually very frustrating, so thanks again for creating this site.

    God bless you!

    Karen Thompson

  3. Phyllis Dent says:

    My daughter is 4′ 2″ tall and wears a womens large. I can find no clothes that fit. She has a disability so pull on pants are a must. I am fed up with her looking so shabby. Please help if you know of any place to order clothes for her. She is not going to try on clothes for any period of time.

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